Indian Hills Basketball Program Punished After School President Bailed Player Out of Jail


I never imagine a NCJAA basketball game being so intense, but then again I was unaware of the “War on 34” rivalry between Indian Hills Community College and Southeastern Community College.

After an intense brawl between the two teams, four players from SCC, a total of nine players from the Indian Hill Community College, and the head coach from IHCC were all suspended from the team. Indian Hills sophomore guard Ronald Ross, was the only player arrested for allegedly punching the opposing coach’s son.

The NCJAA released a statement in regards to the incident:

“The NJCAA has ruled on a violation of its organization’s bylaws by Indian Hills Community College,” NJCAA executive director Mary Ellen Leicht stated in an email to The Hawk Eye. “As a result, the NJCAA has placed its men’s basketball team on probation, which also results in a postseason ban this year. Indian Hills Community College is currently exercising their right of appeal as per NJCAA bylaws.”

Jim Lindenmeyer, the president of Indian Hills, may have rescued Ross by bailing him out of jail, but the kind gestured cost him and the team. The NCJAA prohibits college officials from posting athletes out of jail no matter the circumstances. Now the No. 3 ranked NCJAA Basketball team is ineligible for the post season.

Ross would’ve been held in a jail that’s approx. 80 miles from the school overnight if Coach Lindenmeyer didn’t bailed him out.

“I feel strongly that when we leave our campus with students in our care it is our duty to return them safely to campus. This is what I would expect of any staff member and what I would expect as a parent of a child under college supervision.”

Yeah getting into a brawl was dumb especially after you won the game, hitting the opposing coach’s son was even dumber, but a coach bailing out a kid, although I understand it’s a rule, is there harm in that enough to suspend a season?

Before the aftermath, Indian Hills won the game in a double overtime victory 104-99. This seems like a scene from the movie Coach Carter.