Iowa State Students Call KU Elijah Johnson a N*gger, Threatens His Life Via Twitter (Photo)


Elijah Johnson

The slam at the end of Kansas’ overtime win over Iowa State by Elijah Johnson, probably wasn’t necessary and showed a bit of poor sportsmanship. Especially, considering there were some questionable calls that got the game into overtime in the first place.

If ISU students wanted to troll Johnson about that, I wouldn’t have had any problems with that. What people are going to have to learn is that you can express your feelings without being racist and sounding like a¬†ignorant¬†lunatic, case in point.


Cosby Sweaters points out the police are investigating the Tweets and personally I think criminal chargers should be filed. There are far too many Keyboard Gangsters out there who think they can say whatever they want, without any repercussions.

I hope the police do the right thing in this case.


  1. Stop saying things like cracker and honkey and you might just see other folks stop using that word.

    • Yah, because they use those words on this site all the time.

      I like how those two dummies closed out their Twitter accounts.

  2. He’ll just say it wasn’t me when then COPS show up at his house, and he’ll keep screaming it as he’s put in the squad car.

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