Is It Ok For Saints Pierre Thomas White Girlfriend to Call Him A N*gger?

Candace Damiani

I’m not one to judge professional athletes and who they sleep with. I don’t have the time or the energy to even attempt to keep track with who they pick to be their latest girl for the month let alone the week. However when you don’t set the proper guidelines early on, things like this occur.

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas is dating nursing student, dance teacher, aspiring chef, and YouTube video model Candace Damiani, just to name a few things off of her resume. Now the fact that he is dating her isn’t disturbing news. Athletes have a new pick of litter every other week. The fact that she uses the wrong “n*gga” is alarming, however.

Thomas keeps his online social accounts extremely professional. If it’s not related to football or his fans you won’t see anything from him, which is a good thing. Unfortunately he didn’t pick a female who shared  those same qualities. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts maybe low in followers, minus a few athletes, but that doesn’t mean she keeps personal information private. That would be too much like right. Cropping  an image can go a long way in preventing unwanted items from being discovered , unless you simply want it to be known. Hence the plane ticket below.

Candace is a chocolate lover and that’s fine. We welcome cornball brothers and lovers over here. I think that’s public knowledge by now. However because she is dating a black athlete does that justify her for using the word n*gga? Does that imply Thomas is fine with his girlfriend using such language and referring to him as one? This is what happens when you don’t set proper guidelines in the beginning. I’ll allow you to be the judge. Is this fair or foul?

Pierre Thomas Girlfriend Candace Damiani N--ga Tweet


18 thoughts on “Is It Ok For Saints Pierre Thomas White Girlfriend to Call Him A N*gger?

  • She didn’t call him “a nigger”…?

  • I don’t condone the use of the word period but lets deal with the number of black people that use the word daiy. Let him deal with that trash in private. I am disappointed he is allowing her to continue with this him being associated with iCan Foundation. smh

  • Everyone wants to say “nigga” is different than “nigger”, but obviously you went with nigger to get more views/attention. You must be very talented

  • Dumb on both their parts.

  • Those are lyrics to a song. So white people that listen to rap music using “nigga” every other word are supposed to just not quote lyrics or sing along to a song? What happens when a white person goes to a Jay-Z concert and is rapping along with the music and everyone else in the crowd? Guess I better just leave a silent space. Why can people like Fat Joe (extremely light skinned Puerto Rican) and French Montana, both of whom are not black, be allowed to use that word all the time? Drake is part white so can he only use the first half of the word?
    You are fishing for page views and it’s pathetic.

    • Thank you. She quoted lyrics to a song. This was dumb. And, the author calling black men that date outside of their race “cornball brothers” is the true racist here.

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