Jacoby Jones Badly Wants To Be On Dancing With The Stars (Video)


Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones had a breakout game in the Super Bowl, so obviously we know what’s next right?  No not commercial deals, but a shot for him to really see if he can dance.

Jones was on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night talking all things Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated, and of course his dancing.  The Discussion turned to Dancing With The Stars, and whether Jones would be interested in following in the footsteps of Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward, who were also contestants.

Jones jumped at the bit and was so serious, answered Kimmel’s question about the show with a hilarious response, “Do polar bears poo on ice?”

Here is the transcript courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

Kimmel: Would you consider being on Dancing With The Stars? As a representative of the ABC television network, I would like to offer you the chance to compete on Dancing With The Stars. What do you think about that?

Jones: Let me ask you this: Do polar bears poo on ice?

Kimmel: I’m relatively sure that they do, although I’ve not witnessed it …

Jones: I hope they don’t do it in water, that would be nasty!

Kimmel: So you would do that (go on DWTS)?”

Jones: Oh yes sir … I’ll get it done. I’ll get it done, baby.

So do we think Jones has a chance to win if offered?