Jacoby Jones: We’re a Great Team, We Can Repeat

Jacoby Jones


Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones had an amazing Super Bowl. Totaling a record 290 all-purpose yards, Jones had a huge hand in the ultimate outcome of the Super Bowl.

Jones was on NFL Networks Total Access, and had this to say when asked whether or not he believes the Ravens can repeat.

“Why not? Yeah, we can. We have a great team,” Jones said. “We’re scary. Bernard Pierce, he’s a rookie – he can play. We have Ray [Rice], he comes out of the backfield catching the ball and running. And then we have young receivers that people don’t even know about. We’re scary. I want everybody to back to sleep on us like they did already.”

When asked whether or not he deserved to be MVP, Jones was quick to defer to his quarterback Joe Flacco.

“No. I just played my role,” Jones said. “I did my job that I was supposed to do. When they call your name, you have to show up and play your role. I played my role. Joe Flacco deserves it because if you see what he did in that postseason, he threw 11 touchdowns and no picks.”

I certainly have to respect the confidence and bravado that Jones exudes when speaking about his team.

When you are Super Bowl champions, there is a much larger target on your back. So to say he wants to go under the radar, is a tad unrealistic.