Jarvis Jones’ Neck Causing Teams To Take Him Off Their Draft Boards


Former Georgia All American Jarvis Jones chose not to work out at the NFL Combine, opting  to focus on interviews and taking physicals.

Those physicals could end up costing Jones a ton of money.  Pro Football Talk is reporting that the physicals, and Spinal Stenosis Jones has, has caused some teams to shy away from Jones, and completely remove him from their draft boards.

Per a league source, Jones’ neck has prompted multiple teams to shy away from considering him, especially in round one.  He left USC due to concerns over his spinal stenosis.  The fact that Georgia welcomed him with open arms shows that reasonable medical minds will differ on whether to take the risk associated with a narrowed spinal canal.

I’m sure some team will end up drafting Jones, but I can’t understand how doctors have different opinions on the subject.  Is his spinal cord and spinal canal in jeopardy, can Jones be seriously hurt playing?  That’s the question that needs to be answered.