Jeff Fisher Says Sam Bradford’s Struggles Are Because Of Players Around Him


Many a pundit will tell you St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford has not progressed the way a number one pick should progress.

Bradford has seemed to stall or regress while rookies and other quarterbacks taken since his draft have seemed to experience a ton of success.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was asked about Bradford during an interview on ESPN 101, and according to Pro Football Talk, Fisher attributes the struggles Bradford has to the players around Sam.

“His play was directly affected by the people around him. There’s times when it’s difficult to step up in the pocket and make the good throw. That’s not the quarterback’s fault. That’s whatever’s going on out front,” Fisher said, via “We’re pleased with what Sam did. He’s got an exciting future. I know he’s really excited about coming back in here in April and getting started and not having to learn another offense.”

Fisher leaves himself open for criticism on that front though.  Fisher is essentially agreeing that the team needs to upgrade the offensive line in front of Bradford.

How will that help though if he has nothing to throw to.  The Rams will not target Greg Jennings, or Dwayne Bowe, and have no interest in paying Danny Amendola the money that he wants.

That’s quite the conundrum for the Rams and Bradford.