Jerry Colangelo: Deron Williams was Overweight at Olympics

Deron Williams   There has been many thoughts and concern about the play of Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams lately. Williams will miss his first all-star game in 3 years today, after his sub-par play this season has left him off the squad.

After receiving platelet-rich plasma injections in his ankles recently, many assumed that Williams has been concealing an injury. The Nets seem to think that their star is just worn down from the huge amounts of basketball he has played recently. If you ask Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball President, Williams was just out of shape even back during the 2012 Olympics.

Deron Williams, for the Olympics was not in the best of shape,” Colangelo said per The New York Daily News. “He was a little overweight and I told him that at the time.

We’ll have to see whether Williams has a response for the words from Colangelo. But the fact still remains that something hasn’t been the same for Deron this season.

Nets fans would hope to see a change for the second half of the season.