Jets To Release Bart Scott And Calvin Pace


The New York Jets are currently trying to clean up the mess of a salary cap hell they are in.  The New York Daily News is reporting that the team will release Bart Scott and Calvin Pace in the coming weeks.

Add in Jason Smith to the mix, and the salary cap hell would be reduced by $27 million.

Pace, who is in the final year of his contract, would represent $8.6 million in cap savings if let go; Scott would save $7.2 million. Tackle Jason Smith, also expected to be cut, would save the team $12 million meaning the three combined would reduce the Jets cap number by $27.7 million, bringing them under the expected 2013 cap of $121.1 million. In addition, the Jets will carry over $3.4 million of unused cap space from the 2012 season on top of the expected $121.1 figure.

Scott has been the mouthpiece of the Jets for 5 years now, but his play has turned into a liability.