John Harbaugh Shoves Photographer Before Postgame Handshake With Jim (Video)


Yesterdays Super Bowl was an intense affair, and with two siblings coaching against each other, it was going to be emotional for both the winner and loser.

Jim Harbaugh is usually thought of as the testy of the two brothers, but that wasn’t the case yesterday.  After the confetti had started to fall and the Ravens were victorious, 34-31, John Harbaugh started to walk and find his brother for their emotional handshake, when something different happened.

John Harbaugh lost his cool.  Harbaugh was caught by CBS cameras shoving a photographer who stuck his lens in Harbaugh’s face.

We can only speculate what caused the shove besides Harbaugh being emotional about the situation and the camera invading his space.

Video courtesy of Larry Brown Sports