Karl Malone Spotted Working As Cook At A Teriyaki Grill Restaurant


black sports online karl malone cooks at teriyaki grill


Karl Malone hasn’t totally forgotten about his time spent in Utah, as he took a little bit of the state with him in the form of a TeriYaki Grill.

The Asian themed restaurant is a chain throughout Utah and in 2011 Karl and his wife opened up a franchise is Ruston Louisiana. Since then the two have been regulars when it comes to stopping by and helping around the place.

Busted Coverage  reported the story about the now very hands on Karl Malone, who along with his wife Kay, publically announce on twitter when they’ll be at the restaurant

black sports online tgrill tweet


Malone has become quite the savvy businessman since his retirement and has stayed busy by investing time in other different business ventures–everything from used cars Karl Malone Used Car Outlet and an Arby’s also in Ruston Louisiana.

Not bad for the man whose intelligence off the court often came into question at times.