Kevin Garnett: Craig Sager’s Suit Looks Like A ‘Christmas Ornament’ (VIDEO)

Craig Sager Christmas Ornament

Craig Sager is a brave man with no shame. That’s what I love about his style of dress, although I maybe the only person in the universe that actually likes his bizarre wardrobe attire. Sager is one of the true originators to wear outlandish, colorful fashions in the NBA. Russell Westbrook maybe his understudy, now that I think about it.

During a sideline interview at the All-Stars game, Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett wasted no time addressing Sager’s wardrobe.

Garnett: Hey man, stop wearing stuff like this when you do real interviews. Straight up.

Sager: What’s wrong with it?

Garnett: You look like a Christmas ornament. You can’t dress like this, Craig (covering his eyes). You can’t dress like this.

The TNT analysts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t contain their laughter, as Barkley went on to say “Disco is dead.” If I was Barkley I wouldn’t be trying to crack laughs on anyone especially after it was revealed that he kept Vaseline in his navel during games. Just nasty.

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