Kevin Garnett on Trade Rumors: “I Bleed Green, But It’s a Business”

Kevin Garnett

I am on record saying that the Celtics window has closed and it is time to blow up the team. KG and Paul Pierce would be considered valuable assets to teams who are in a position to make a NBA Finals run.  Every trade should be explored by Danny Ainge at this point.

KG has a no trade clause, but from these quotes it appears if the right trade came around he would be interested.

“Well Danny made it very obvious since day one when he brought me and Ray here to be aligned with Paul that he was going to do whatever was best for the organization. He’s made that apparent so I’ve understood that. I bleed green, I die green, that’s what it is, but is a business though, and when it crossed the paths, I’ll deal with it.”

“When you define his best and what I feel is best, maybe that’s different. I won’t comment on things that haven’t happened. But you know, this is what I am, so don’t get that messed up all right?”

KG is exactly correct it is a business and should be treated as such. He holds all the leverage, so until a deal is on the table, there is really nothing to talk about.