KG Yells Get That Sh*T Outta Here N*gga After Blocking Kenneth Faried’s Shot (Video)



Kevin Garnett does and says what he wants, whenever he wants. ¬†Garnett is a highly emotional player, it’s what fuels him, so sometimes that gets the best of him.

In the video courtesy of The Big Lead, Garnett can be heard screaming “get that shit out of here nigga,” after blocking a put back attempt by the Nuggets Kenneth Faried during yesterday’s action.

The Celtics play by play announcer, bless his heart, simply chalked it up to Garnett talking up a storm tonight.


  1. KG is the biggest P U S S Y in the NBA. YO KG….ur a joke, boy. Ur used up so, back to the cotton fields you go N I G G A!!!

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