Kobe Bryant Has a Message for Mark Cuban: “Amnesty That”

Neo Kobe Bryant


Kobe went 13-21, 38 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists, while torching several Dallas Mavericks defenders in the process. Mark Cuban had suggested that the Lakers should Amnesty Kobe and here is what Kobe had to say about that.

This is Kobe’s 17th year in the league and even though the team isn’t playing well, individually what he is doing in quite amazing.

He isn’t the Kobe of old, but Old Kobe is still better than 95% of the NBA and that should be applauded. I believe what he is doing well be appreciated much more after he retires.

7 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Has a Message for Mark Cuban: “Amnesty That”

  • Damn f*ck with the Black Mamba

  • Robert, if you actually did your homework on this story you’d know Mark Cuban used the whole Kobe amnesty thing as an example of the NBA’s new financial constraints.
    But by all means, tee off on low-hanging fruit for hits.

  • Well Christian, example or not Cuban learned today that fucking with Kobe while your team is fighting to get in the playoffs will get you beat. And if you’re buying Cuban’s excuse of his comments being hypothetical about the CBA climate you’re crazy. That’s why he may be fined because discussing such matters about another team can be considered tampering.

    • There’s nothing to buy. Cuban literally said seconds after the Kobe example that his comments were hypothetical. I posted the link at the bottom to prove it. But, as I suspect, you are blinded by your Kobe obsession. Right about now, I bet you’re lathering the 2 inch appendage you call a reproductive organ to the YouTube video of Kobe’s 81 point game.
      And by all means proceed. Just know that Kobe’s not even the greatest player of his era. Tim Duncan is.
      Have a great week.

      • Uh, as Confucious say,numbers DON’T lie Christian or are you an advocate of some “new math” of the 21st century?

  • Christian you’re one of those Kobe haters huh? 17 seasons and you all still can’t get some of that bitterness out of your mouths. Hating has done nothing, probably won’t do anything either, time to let it go. Mark Cuban is always writing checks with his mouth his ass can’t cash, and then loves to backtrack. Kobe shut his butt up, nothing personal. Nah I take that back yes it was, to Kobe it was. I’m not even going to entertain that Tim Duncan comment **smh**

    • Actually I’m a Kobe fan. But I do believe that if you knew a thing or two about professional basketball, you would at least entertain the Tim Duncan/Kobe Bryant argument.
      I’ve got a bunch of stuff due tomorrow so I won’t delve deep into this argument but the crux of it goes something like this: Kobe Bryant has won only two rings as the best player on his own team, while Tim Duncan has won four as the Spurs best player.
      And I apologize for that shot at Big Gools. It was meant for him, not Kobe.

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