Kobe Bryant Says He and Lebron are in the Same Room With All-Time Greats



I would say this is an accurate statement. I think Kobe’s career is accomplished enough he will be forever considered an All-Time Great.

While Lebron’s career is far from over, unless something crazy happens, he is going to end up in that same discussion. Kobe wouldn’t go as far as saying Lebron was better than him, but he did give him the highest compliment, he is probably going to get from Bean.

“Is he as good as me? (Host: Yeah, is he as good of a basketball player as you are?) I mean every time you start comparing players to some of the all-time greats then you have to put him in that same room.”

LeBron is still young in his career and still has a lot of runs to make, with this being the first streak that he has put together that has been one of, in a historical sense, but I’m sure he will have many more of those down the road.”

The only question is how far up the ladder Lebron will go. That is the intriguing part, but he has stepped into the room, it is just a matter if he will ever get to the head of the table.


  1. There you go little Bobby, that didn’t hurt that much did it? You can still go back to Columbus, they have TV’s too. They know what’s up.

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