Kobe Says Beef With Dwight Howard was Manufactured By Media


The Lakers are falling apart and at the center of that is Dwight Howard. Doesn’t matter if it is Kobe, D’Antoni, Nash or Earl Clark no one seems to like Dwight and they question his effort.

With that being said, Kobe blames the media for it blowing up.

Bryant told the media before the Lakers practice on Monday that, “I didn’t say anything wrong. I didn’t say anything to hammer him over the head or take a run at him. That was actually manufactured. I’d own up to it if I took a run at somebody.

“Urgency is something we’ve been trumpeting, we’ve been beating that drum since the beginning of the season when we started struggling.”

That probably has some truth to it, but when you play for the Lakers if you don’t want something blown up you should keep your mouth closed.

One thought on “Kobe Says Beef With Dwight Howard was Manufactured By Media

  • Excuse me Kobe, if what you say is true why don’t you and Howard do a press conference together and squash the madness ????

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