Kobe Scolds A Fan On Twitter For Using The Word Gay As Insult


Kobe Bryant will call anybody out, teammate, coaches, or hecklers on twitter.  Per Yahoo Sports, Kobe let two guys who were being inappropriate on twitter have the business.

After a fan offered Kobe the opportunity to make out with him, I hope he was joking, another gentleman offered this assessment on the interaction.

kobe scolds


Kobe, probably surprising the fan, responded.

kobe scolds


Well someone on twitter who was aware of the fact that Kobe referred to a referee with the same derogatory term, called Kobe on his throwing stones while living in a glass house.

Would Kobe go off on the fan, or block him?  No Kobe owned up to the mistakes he once made.

kobe scolds


Kudos to the black Mamba for handling that correctly.

2 thoughts on “Kobe Scolds A Fan On Twitter For Using The Word Gay As Insult

  • This story is gay. So is political correctness and pandering to the LGBTAHEC community or whatever they call themselves.

  • If Kobe would show the same respect to women and not rape them, then he might be a human being who’s opinion counted. As it stands now, it’s worthless.

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