Lance Armstrong Being Sued For $12 Million Tour De France Bonus

Lance Armstrong Being Sued For $12 Million Tour De France Bonus

When it all falls down…

Lance Armstrong has gone from America’s Live Strong Hero to one of the most hated in figures in sports after finally admitting to using performance enhancing drugs.

Now that his reputation is gone, it’s time to move to his money.

As reported by the Associated Press , SCA Promotions has filed a lawsuit to recover $9.5 million in bonus money paid to Armstrong for will the Tour De France 2002-2004 and $2.5 million paid for other costs and fees.

“It is time now for Mr. Armstrong to face the consequences of his actions,” said the lawsuit, which demands a jury trial. “He admits he doped; he admits he bullied people; he admits he lied.”

Previously SCA unsuccessfully tried to prove that Armstrong was cheating.  Armstrong vehemently denied usage even citing his son as the reason, and SCA was forced to pay.

In 2006, Armstrong told the arbitration panel that he didn’t dope because he wouldn’t want his son to someday follow him into a dirty sport.
“So how could I put my son into this completely dark, dirty underworld of deceit and deception would make no sense to me. I would never do that,” Armstrong said, according to the lawsuit.

Lance Armstrong lied for years as he was cited by many as an example of triumph and hope, but as the saying goes what’s done in the dark will come to light and now it’s time for Armstrong to pay the consequences…literally.