Larry Foote Says Anonymous Shot At LaMarr Woodley Broke The Code


All is not well in Pittsburgh Steelers nation.  Yesterday an anonymous Steelers player took a shot at linebacker LaMarr Woodley when he said that an out of shape Woodley was awful last season.

Steelers leader Ryan Clark chimed in and said that such a comment indicates the fracture within the teams lockerroom.  Now another Steelers player is speaking out, and he’s not pleased.

Larry Foote has time in as a Steelers, so things like this are shocking to him.  Foote was on 97.3 The Fan yesterday, and said that taking a shot at a teammate anonymously “broke the code.”

“I mean there have been fights in the locker room, there’s been stuff on the airplane that never got out and that’s the Steeler way,” Foote said on 93.7 The Fan, via “So I’ll be very surprised if a player really did that and hopefully his name don’t come up, or if he was, he’s one of the players that’s no longer here. I mean, you’re breaking the code when you do that. You’re breaking the code.”

Foote who is an unrestricted free agent, went on to say that he thinks Woodley will return in great shape.  Here’s hoping that lockerroom does as well.