LeBron James and the Miami Heat Doing the Harlem Shake (Video)

Lebron James Heat Harlem Shake

I am on record saying that the only Harlem Shake I respect, is the Puff Daddy, G Dep and Black Rob version in the the “Special Delivery” video.

But, if you are going to do a Harlem Shake video, you need to go all out. The Heat are in the midst of long winning streak and The King going all “Optimus Bron”, had a little time to put this gem together.

There is something about having Birdman on the Heat, that makes them even more interesting, it seems he fits right in with the cast of unique characters. Good job, Miami you have won the Internet today.

Miami Heat Harlem Shake

2 thoughts on “LeBron James and the Miami Heat Doing the Harlem Shake (Video)

  • I likey. But needless to say, this too will be met by criticism from ESPN, Barkley/Jordan/Some other hater fool, something. They are at a loss as to what to criticize about the Heat, so they will think of something. Count on it.

  • LOL..Chris Bosh!

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