LeBron James On Participating In The Dunk Contest: “It Ain’t Looking Good”

Lebron James Flys

I guess I can keep this short, since there will be many people heartbroken over my latest discovery. Don’t worry however, I’m sure Skip Bayless will lend a shoulder to cry on.

LeBron James was asked yesterday if he thought he would ever participate in the All Star Dunk Contest. According to InsideHoops his response was;

“I’m getting older,” he said. “It ain’t looking good.”

If 30 is the new 20, then what is 28 in basketball years? New York Knicks James White is 30 years old and participating in the contest.  LeBron then went on to talk about how much he does during All Star weekend and how it can impacts his legs and ultimately affect his performance on Sunday. He even dabbed on topic that some people simply don’t want to get embarrassed that’s why they don’t participate in the contest. Oh really now LeBron. Some people or were you referring to yourself?

“I think for us, the reason why a lot of us don’t participate is because we do so much during All-Star weekend, by the time we get to the dunk contest we have no legs,” he said. “When you do the dunk contest, you want to have your legs, you want to be ready to go because you want to put on a good show for our fans. So I think some guys, I think they don’t want to get embarrassed in the dunk contest, so they just choose not to do it.”

Well if you were hoping he would do just one dunk contest, don’t hold your breathe. LeBron is getting old and wants to keep his legs fresh for Sunday, not Saturday.