LeBron James Says He Ran The 40 Faster Than Manti Te’o

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Saying you ran the 40 faster than Manti Te’o isn’t really something to be proud of. Some of the offensive lineman at the combine ran faster than Te’o, even Rich Eisen wasn’t far off the mark.

We have to remember than Te’o was under stress and didn’t have a lot of sleep and that was the reason for his poor combine performance.  I guess Te’o believes that no other player at the NFL Combine was under stress as well, considering millions of dollars are at stake, depending on your performance, but I digress.

The King was asked about his 40 time and had some interesting insight on his training and how his time compares to Te’o.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why the NFL combine doesn’t make these guys run in pads.  Track speed and football speed are two different.

I would have them line up in full pads and run the 40.  For offensive players I would have some chasing them from behind and for defensive players I would have them chasing someone with a 10 yard head start.

That would weed out a lot of these guys who can’t play football very well, but know how to run track.

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