LeBron: Kobe’s Assists won’t Last

LeBron backs Kobe down


In an effort to secure more wins, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has become more of a facilitator over their most recent stretch of games. Putting up an average of 8.1 assists since January 25th, the date many pin point as the time the ‘new Kobe’ came to the forefront.

There have been varying opinions on whether or not this passing Kobe will last but if you ask one of his biggest rivals LeBron James, the answer is clear. No.

Per Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida: “Do I buy that?” James said. “No.”

He told you all before, he’s a scorer. He said it every day, ‘I’m a scorer and this is what I do.’ So I don’t buy it. No. You guys buy it, though. I see how you all go, ’49 assists in four games,’ whatever. You guys are going crazy about that. I don’t buy that. He’s a scorer.’’

I have to be honest, I agree with LeBron wholeheartedly on this one.

Kobe is a scorer and has never made that a secret. I think it is a testament to his desire to win that he was willing to change his game if necessary. But I believe he is at his best when scoring is the priority.

But with the Lakers 7-2 since the ‘new Kobe’ has arrived, maybe the passing version is what is best for this particular team.