LeBron On Jordan Taking Kobe Over Him: It Doesn’t Matter To Me


I sense some type of mini beef happening here.  The media probably can be blamed for this one too.  LeBron James is playing out this world over the past 6 games, and because of that, the LeBron vs Jordan debates are raging.

During an interview on NBA TV, Michael Jordan said if he had to choose between Kobe or LeBron, Jordan who said it would be a touch choice, said he would pick Kobe, because of his rings.

If you had to pick between the two, that would be a tough choice, but five beats one every time I look at it.

And not that he [James] won’t get five. He may get more than that, but five is bigger than one

Like good media people, the word got back to LeBron rather quickly.  James was asked about Jordan’s comments and the constant comparisons, and according to Yahoo Sports, he doesn’t care.

“It doesn’t matter to me. If you take Kobe one and I go second, it doesn’t matter. I don’t get too involved in what guys say about me or if you take Kobe or if you take LeBron. As long as I’m on the floor and I make plays for my teammates, I don’t do what I do for other people’s approval.”

This will only heat up as the season goes on.