Lebron Says He Might Stop Pre-Game Dunks, Because People are Slandering Him

Lebron D Wade Alley Oop

Lebron still can be a bit sensitive at times, no matter how great you are, that doesn’t mean everyone has to bow to the King.

It is common sense, that when people see Lebron doing these spectacular dunks in pre-game warm ups, they are going to wonder and speculate why Lebron hasn’t in the Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend. I wouldn’t even call that a criticism, it is a legitimate reasonable question.

Here is what The King had to say.

“Maybe I should stop because it’s making a lot of people mad about what I do,” James said after he scored a season-high 40 points and had a career-high 16 assists in Tuesday’s double-overtime win against Sacramento. “They’re like, ‘Well, if you can do it in warm-ups, why don’t you [want to] be in the dunk contest?’ Stop it.’ “

“I’ve been hearing about it,” James said. “But I don’t really watch TV or go on the Internet too much. As a team, it’s kind of our new thing. I’ve had some good ones, but (Chalmers) doing a 360? That’s impressive. We have a little epidemic right now. It’s kind of like the Harlem Shake.”

I don’t think people should “Stop It” per se, but maybe he should just answer the question and people would stop asking. To just say he is going to take his dunks and go home, is a bit weak. You want a juice box and orange slices as well?

Just do the dunks and stop worrying about what other people are saying about you.

2 thoughts on “Lebron Says He Might Stop Pre-Game Dunks, Because People are Slandering Him

  • Lebron is too damn sensitive……he’s the one that brought up maybe doing the slam dunk contest a few years ago….he should just ignore people and do his thing

  • talk about sensitive. you’re mad because he doesnt entertain you enough? DUNK PUPPET DUNK! Pulease. He doesnt want to and its not hurting anyone. Leave him alone.

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