Lil Wayne Says Heat Banned Him from All-Star and He Slept with Bosh’s Wife (Video)



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We Reported the news a few days ago when reportedly rapper Lil Wayne was kicked out of a Miami Heat game for cheering for the Lakers.

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Lil Wayne is widely known for saying whatever comes to mind so we had to know that eventually he would let his feelings be known on the situation, but I can’t imagine anyone expected this.

Check out the video below courtesy of The Big Lead. In it, watch as Wayne addresses a crown as he lets it be known that he was banned from NBA All-Star weekend by the Miami Heat. But listen closely as he then takes shots at LeBron, “She Wade“, and makes a claim that he also “F*cked Chris Bosh’s wife.”


  1. The real question that begs to be answered is this: What happened to that poor girl, that she was so desperate for attention that she let that foul thing lie upon her? Ugh!

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