Lolo Jones Doesn’t Want to Die a 30 Year Old Virgin; Attention Whoring for Winter Olympics


Lolo Jones 30 Year Old Virgin

Lolo Jones is now on the Olympic Bobsledding team and with the Winter Olympics about a year away, it is time for her to milk all the attention she can for being a virgin…………….. allegedly.

The act is old and tired, but since she is cute people will buy into it. She actually isn’t that bad at Bobsledding (maybe better than she is at the hurdles), her team won the team Gold Medal at the World Championships, unfortunately she won’t let her actions do the talking for her, she has to be Kardashian with it.

In my mind she is the Dwight Howard of Olympic Sports.

Lolo Jones Attention Whore


  1. If she bothers you so much then leave her alone, and stop making headlines out of every little thing she says. Geesh!! Especially if your picking lines here and there off her twitter. Now people are gonna cause drama cause they’re gonna believe anything u say without even knowing the whole story of how she got injured. Get a life!

    • i think it was a story not just about her injury but about how she begs for attention….they report on everything on this site. If it bothers you so much…then don’t read it.

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