Love & Hip-Hop K Michelle Says JR Smith Went to the Bathroom, Then Left Her at Club

I have to be perfectly frank with you, as a “Player” I have never been that impressed with JR Smith, but as a “Playa”  he seems to know what he is doing.

From Tahiry, Rihanna and others, JR is the NBA version of Black Dynamite.  K Michelle was singing love songs to him and saying she would do anything to sleep with him again, on various public forums.  Some guys might think that was sweet to have someone care about them like that, but not JR.

Check out what he did courtesy of Jocks and Stiletto Jill (there is also a full video of the interview).

Yeah, man JR played me. I was in love. I was so open dude, I was ready to cook breakfast naked, sing songs. I was ready to sit down. I was very sincere.

JR Smith Tahiry 6

He left me at the club at Kiss & Fly. He told me he was going to the bathroom and never came back. He’s emotional too. He thought I leaked our photos to the blogs and messed up his situation with groupies. 

If only JR Smith’s shooting was as consistent as his pimpin, the Knicks might actually be able to challenge the Heat.