Mark Teixeira: I Know I am Overpaid



It’s not too often you hear a player in any sport admit that he is probably overpaid. Market determines value, and whatever you were able to get at the time of free agency is what you were worth. At least, in my opinion.

But enter New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, who recently opened up to the Wall Street Journal about his contract. What he had to say just might surprise you.

I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you’re overpaid. Because I am,” Teixeira said. “We all are.”
“Agents are probably going to hate me for saying it,” he continued. “You’re not very valuable when you’re making $20 million. When you’re Mike Trout, making the minimum, you are crazy valuable. My first six years, before I was a free agent, I was very valuable. But there’s nothing you can do that can justify a $20 million contract.”
Strong and extremely honest words from Mark, and I can’t help but to agree. The Yankees probably aren’t too happy to hear comments like these, but they gave him the money.