Micahel Strahan Won’t Marry Nicole Murphy Until She Signs Prenup


Michael Strahan was taken to the cleaners in his first divorce and reputation dragged through the mud, so I am not surprised he wants Nicole Murphy to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Strahan has bounced back and now is worth over $35 million, so he is trying to protect his pockets.

Nicole has been pushing Micheal to set a date, but he’s insisting she sign a prenuptial agreement,” a pal tells Star.

The Live with Kelly & Michael host has his reasons: The twice-divorced father of four is worth $35 million, and his ex-wives have cost him a fortune.

Nevertheless, the friend adds that Nicole is hurt and thinks he’s setting their marriage up for failure.

Eddie Murphy was smart, the prenuptial agreement he made Nicole sign had a one time lump payment of $15 million. That is a lot of money until you see that Eddie Murphy is worth well over $100 million.

Maybe Michael has been watching Eddie Murphy’s RAW?

4 thoughts on “Micahel Strahan Won’t Marry Nicole Murphy Until She Signs Prenup

  • Strahan is not falling for that bullshyt……there are a lot of honey’s lined up

  • She should dump him for being SO selfish! Marriage is TWO becoming ONE in everything. Strahan is a narcissist and doesn’t trust Nicole.

    • You get $35 million and don’t sign a pre-nup

  • Its a tough call in life. One would believe if you get together with someone out of true love the thought of separating should never be factored in if you truly love them. However, that is not the reality of our world as divorce rates are an all time high. People’s intentions, motives and emotions change. So is it unreasonable to ask a wife to sign just incase because for all we know she could be the one that wants to call it off one day in the future not Michael.

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