Michael Jordan Says LeBron Would Not Be As Successful In His Era


I’m sensing either beef, hurt feelings, or a legacy threatened, but Michael Jordan is ratcheting the heat up on LeBron James at every turn.

A day after saying he would take Kobe Bryant over LeBron because 5 rings are better than 1, Jordan took another shot at James.

Jordan questioned whether the players of today could play during his era in the 90’s, and suggested only LeBron, Tim Duncan, Dirk, and Kobe as the four players who could hack it in his era according to CBS Sports. 

Even after including LeBron, he questions the coddled nature of today’s players, and suggest LeBron would be good, but not nearly as successful.

When someone on TV compares LeBron to Oscar Robertson, Jordan fumes. He rolls his eyes, stretches his neck, frustrated. “It’s absolutely … ” he says, catching himself. “The point is, no one is critiquing the personnel that he’s playing against. Their knowledge of how to play the game … that’s not a fair comparison. That’s not right … Could LeBron be successful in our era? Yes. Would he be as successful? No.”

Mike is truly not feeling this LeBron is better than him talk, and seeing that he’s too old to prove it, he’s just going to continue to remind you.

19 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Says LeBron Would Not Be As Successful In His Era

  • An opinion is like a$$holes, everyone has one. Now whether you like the smell that comes out of them is a different, personal story that in some cases should be kept to oneself. MJ never denied Lebrons talent, he just stated the man would not be “as successful” around cats like him, Magic, Bird, Miller, Hardaway, Hill, O’neal….should I go on? I mean let’s face it, today’s NBA player is a lot different from the player 10-15 years ago. The game is different (I personally believe the game is rigged anyway). What used to be a sport that gave such athletes an opportunity to showcase their undeniable athleticism has turned into obvious business deals and deal gone bad in some cases. It’s not about the game anymore. The heart of the game has been removed and replaced with dollar signs.

    • Well, you are certainly a. A$$hole because any idiot that doesn’t believe that a 6’8″ 265 pound player that has 3 point range, quick as a cat, fly high. And has handle couldn’t play 15 years ago is stupid bid Jordan has such a good eye for talent, why is his team the worst damn team in the NBA. Jordan is a brand was a great Ayer but he is to arrogant and too full of himself to be a good owner, whi h is why the wizards bounced his a$$.

      • MJ just shut up. Lebron can play in any era. He is too strong for you. Hes fast and he can dunk. Have you seen him dunk in games>?? Amazing. 6 rings makes you the best? Bill Russell has 11 so hes the best right?

  • Lebron would have been successful in Jordan’s era…… I mean he would have won a few sixth man awards. Cut the crap! Lebron is nowhere near as good as Jordan or many of the other players of the 80’s or 90’s.

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