Michael Jordan Says LeBron Would Not Be As Successful In His Era


I’m sensing either beef, hurt feelings, or a legacy threatened, but Michael Jordan is ratcheting the heat up on LeBron James at every turn.

A day after saying he would take Kobe Bryant over LeBron because 5 rings are better than 1, Jordan took another shot at James.

Jordan questioned whether the players of today could play during his era in the 90’s, and suggested only LeBron, Tim Duncan, Dirk, and Kobe as the four players who could hack it in his era according to CBS Sports. 

Even after including LeBron, he questions the coddled nature of today’s players, and suggest LeBron would be good, but not nearly as successful.

When someone on TV compares LeBron to Oscar Robertson, Jordan fumes. He rolls his eyes, stretches his neck, frustrated. “It’s absolutely … ” he says, catching himself. “The point is, no one is critiquing the personnel that he’s playing against. Their knowledge of how to play the game … that’s not a fair comparison. That’s not right … Could LeBron be successful in our era? Yes. Would he be as successful? No.”

Mike is truly not feeling this LeBron is better than him talk, and seeing that he’s too old to prove it, he’s just going to continue to remind you.

19 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Says LeBron Would Not Be As Successful In His Era

  • MJ, you are MJ…no need to be salty…eventually someone was going to come around who’s talent seemed otherworldly and the conversation of “if he better than Jordan” would take place…you are still MJ, don’t be salty fam

  • What a BS comment if true…MJ forgets that Grant Hill use to dominate his later Bulls teams…Andrian Dantley was a dominant physical post player at 6’5″…His own teammate Scottie Pippen was considered a mismatch or an oddity as a point forward and exploited many mismatches…Magic who is the same size as LeBron and way less athletic controlled games routinely…LeBron is better than all of these prominant players…easily.

    Goes to show once again Michael Jordan outside of his individual greatness fails to see the game correctly…He is stuck in MJ land. Rings don’t make talent…that is a team accomplishment, but people keep believing that lie.

    • you know what ur talking about, real shit.

  • Since when did titles not matter? Didn’t everyone constantly remind Kobe Bryant on how his 3 titles weren’t his and how it would take him winning one without Shaq to even consider him a top 20 of all time? That’s why athletes come to play the sport is to fight their way through the best to win the final prize showcasing the result. So now individual accolades mostly define a players talent and career? Well Steve Nash has two MVP’s more than Shaquille O’Neal so that makes him better than Shaq and more talented? Also why is everyone coming for Micheal Jordan. This is a man people threw fits about every time Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and others were compared to him. The same “Never be better than Jordan” crowd who would argue you into a grave when Kobe Bryant dare be compared to him is now getting bashed because like he’s always done, he felt his image and career is far better. Why is he getting dragged, he’s said it before? Since when did we finally dismiss Micheal Jordan’s career? In defense of LeBron? When other players dared be shown to be better than him people got mad and threw fit, threw on their Bulls jerseys and air Jordans and went to war in defense of the Golden Boy? Now he’s all of a sudden salty, his comments don’t matter because how dare who question LeBron? I tell you one thin LeBron and MJ has in common and that’s the “untouchable” status. I love LeBron but the media and fans make my ass itch, picking and choosing arses.

  • I Can See MJ Talent Evaluations Are WAY Off I Mean Look At The Two “Teams” He’s Put Together… Jordan Is Kind Of Taking That Shaq Roll With That Hating Shit (A La Dwight Howard), It Seems Like Every Time He Has Something To Say About Lebron, Why Tho? Because HE NOT Kissing YOUR Ass And Emulating Your EVERY MOVE Like KOBE DOES..?? Let LeBron BE GREAT And Continue TO Attempt TO Get Your Team To A Playoff Game…

  • What really makes me sick is that MJ is making all this noise, after being the target of the same type garbage and now he’s doing it. How soon he forgets that Isaiah Thomas, Dr J, Larry Bird and all the East Coast All Starts did the same thing to him. He’s beginning to sound like one of those old angry athletes that can’t handle being out of the press and trying to stay relevant.

    What he should be trying to do is fix that horrible team he bought. He should be spending more time trying to find players and a decent coach instead of being the worst owner in the NBA.

    • I agree

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