Michael Jordan: Until LeBron Has 5 Rings I’d Still Choose Kobe

Lebron Michael Jordan

I don’t necessarily think Lebron needs five rings to surpass Kobe on the All-Time greatest list, but he definitely needs more than one.

This is what Michael Jordan was saying when asked who is better on his list right now.

If you had to pick between the two, that would be a tough choice, but five beats one every time I look at it.

And not that he [James] won’t get five. He may get more than that, but five is bigger than one.

This isn’t groundbreaking material, just common sense.   You also have to factor in the fact Kobe has been in the league much longer than LeBron so has had the opportunity to collect more rings.

LeBron still has some work to do, but unlike Kobe, he is just hitting the Optimus Bron stage of his career, so it isn’t out of the question he could get five or more, people just need to be patient before crowning him the king.

37 thoughts on “Michael Jordan: Until LeBron Has 5 Rings I’d Still Choose Kobe

  • How many hundreds of thousands saw that interview but how many really was able to understand MJ’s statements? Even the author in this page did not understand it. Why herald this headline “Until LeBron Has 5 Rings I’d Still Choose Kobe”? MJ did NOT SAY IT!!! Are you guys dumb? MJ did not chose Kobe over LJ, he just made that statement. Go back to school all you stupid people writing here hating MJ for his statement, go back for your own sake. MJ did not favor one over the other and his statements did not diminish the dignity that both Kobe and Lebron has to this day.

  • Stop those comparisons!!! It will only cause division and infuriates the adoring fans of both Kobe and Lebron. In the hearts of men, let the three of them stand side-by-side with head held high knowing that in their own time, they were the best.

  • Something else to think about when you compare numbers and results. Part of MJ’s time there were less teams in the NBA than there are now. New teams started in the middle of his career like the Hornets, Raptors, Heat, Timberwolves, Magic and the Grizzles. There was a lot more talent on teams than there is now. Also not dropping veterans for one and done players keep teams stacked with guys who could play. MJ played in a time where things that are fouls (hand checking…etc) now weren’t then. The game was a lot more physical than it is now. That might not be a bad thing for LeBron since he is so big but those big men would wear you down. Finally look at all the hall of fame guys MJ played against and won. Barkely, Bird, Magic, Malone, Stockton, Ewing, Robert Parrish, Kevin McHale, Shaq, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Mullins, David Robinson, Isaiah Thomas, Akeem Olajuwon. LeBron has to play against some good players but not that many HOF’rs. Heck 14 of the ones I mentioned are on the 50 greatest all time list. LeBron doesn’t play nearly that many great players. LeBron is a great player don’t get me wrong but even he if bests MJ’s number of titles….he isn’t passing him up in the greatest category.

    • You essentially expanded on my point, and I obviously agree with you. The argument with those fans here who did not witness the HOF players we mentioned in earlier posts is moot since they have no point of reference to go by. They are merely observing the present limited stock of HOF- type players and assuming this is the best the NBA has ever produced. It reminds me of instances when some youngster swears that an 80’s song posted by someone else on YouTube was originally recorded for Grand Theft Auto. And they will argue with anyone about it lol.

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