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Michael Jordan: Until LeBron Has 5 Rings I’d Still Choose Kobe

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2013
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Lebron Michael Jordan

I don’t necessarily think Lebron needs five rings to surpass Kobe on the All-Time greatest list, but he definitely needs more than one.

This is what Michael Jordan was saying when asked who is better on his list right now.

If you had to pick between the two, that would be a tough choice, but five beats one every time I look at it.

And not that he [James] won’t get five. He may get more than that, but five is bigger than one.

This isn’t groundbreaking material, just common sense.   You also have to factor in the fact Kobe has been in the league much longer than LeBron so has had the opportunity to collect more rings.

LeBron still has some work to do, but unlike Kobe, he is just hitting the Optimus Bron stage of his career, so it isn’t out of the question he could get five or more, people just need to be patient before crowning him the king.

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  1. Jesus says:

    Jordan just admitted that Bill Russell was the greatest by winning 11.

    • uriahnyah6 says:

      No he did not, he said he needs more than one; he said it does not ultimately decide. This is how easy even simple things like this can be misunderstood.

  2. Sherry says:

    I personally think MJ knows how GREAT LEBRON is but he will NEVER say it. IT doesnt matter because LEBRON has already surpassed what MJ had done at the same age. SMJ you are now the 2ND best to ever play the game.

    • dre says:

      Jordan went to college for 3 years and won a championship.MJ also played in the era when big men lived in the paint and with hand checking but still dominated. Also Kobe had 3 rings before the age of 25.

      • RememberShaq says:

        Dude, Kobe didn’t have 3 rings. Kobe was part in a team that happened to win 3 championships. Who was the finals MVP? SHAQ did, DUMMY!!! Do your researches before posting, if you weren’t watching Basketball at the time it happened. Morron…

    • uriahnyah6 says:

      Are you older than even 24. Mike is the fastest ever to the amount of points that LBJ has and the fastest to 30 000, and he has averaged more than 37 ppg in a season. MJ is the standard and what a standard. Youtube is there and none of those guys has the artistry that Mike has nor the years of dominance.Get Real newbies.

    • steve says:

      What age are you talking about?Jordan still looks 20younger than La Queen Jane.He will never win 5NBA titles,GUARANTEED!!

      • No one important says:

        LoL and whose going to stop Lebron James from doing that? With the skills and team Lebron has I say no body.

  3. mississsippiheatfan says:

    i think mj is afraid of what lbj can do i mean today athletes are stronger and fastes than back in his day the game is more control so if lbj and mj would have played in the same era lbj would have score 50 points every night mj you need to choose your words better lbj is a better player overall to him assist rebound and character you never see mj playing or interact with fans on the nba espn is doing program about him making him a god and not only that his team show the person that he really is a shallow selfish nba player lbj is making more money than you his shoe are more expensive and everyone hates him but still pays hundred of dollar to watch him play the difference the guy doesnt have a gambling problem like mj and he is a very humble person

    • Blackhawk says:

      Spoken like someone who never saw MJ play. The fact that the guy hasn’t played in years and people are still buying his shoes should tell you something. Unless you were alive and saw the NBA before Michael came onto the scene you will never know what his impact was. Bird and Magic saved the league, literally….MJ made it explode to what it is today.

    • Kevin McShane says:

      Don’t get it twisted, the NBA of the 90’s was a war zone. Lebron would have been hand checked, fouled hard, and his toughness tested on a nightly basis far more than it is in today’s watered down era. The fact is that Lebron doesn’t have Michael’s mental toughness. He may edge him out slightly as far as overall athletic ability but Micheal was more than just a great athlete he was the greatest competitor which gives him the edge regardless of how many championships Lebron wins.

      • Clinton says:

        Well spoken. Lebron doesn’t have half the mental toughness as MJ. MJ played many times with the flu. MJ won a championship during the worst moment of his life when his dad was killed. Lebron completely shut down when news of his grown mom having an affair with a teammate. MJ wins over toughness everytime. Lebron would have been able to compete in Jordans era. Lebron lacks mental toughness.

        • Clinton says:

          Well spoken. Lebron doesn’t have half the mental toughness as MJ. MJ played many times with the flu. MJ won a championship during the worst moment of his life when his dad was killed. Lebron completely shut down when news of his grown mom having an affair with a teammate. MJ wins over toughness everytime. Lebron would not have been able to compete in Jordans era. Lebron lacks mental toughness.
          Kobe has killer instincts. MJ had killer instincts. Lebron does not.

      • steve says:

        In those days the players played basketball.They did”nt wait for the refs to help them win like today.If the Heat had”nt gotten help last year,they would have never won.

  4. ShutDownNBA says:

    There’s a reason Jordan is the standard for comparison for this new generation. It’s because the best to play the game. From someone who’s watched basketball for the past 40 years and played the game some, Jordan takes it any day. Not only in skill, but tenacity and determination on the court and be able to close the deal in big games.

  5. caleb says:

    You’re right Robert. We should listen to MJ’s talent evaluation. After all, he had the foresight to draft kwame Brown, instead of Tony Parker or Pau Gasol. You two should sit down and have a dummy convention.

  6. IAW says:

    Kobe was not the best player on his team for the first three titles. Shaq was the MVP in all three finals.

  7. Hands Washington says:

    Thank You MJ , I’ve been saying this all a long, get some more rings than lets discuss this, Cause right now he’s just Barley or Malone with one ring.

  8. David says:

    Rambis won 4 NBA Championships, so by MJ’s self-serving logic, he’d take Rambis over LeBron. Don’t dumb down the argument, MJ.

    • tankboy says:

      Hey now, don’t be dissing Rambis. And don’t forget–he was the all-time scoring leader at basketball super-power Santa Clara.

  9. David says:

    I would like to see Jordan’s best player breakdown on him versus Kobe if Kobe wins 2 more Championships. I bet it won’t be simplified down to a math question.

    • uriahnyah6 says:

      I guess he would have to never lose in the finals and have a clean record of finals mvps and never lose in a finals and not copy and have better stats and fg% over his much longer career span. MJ retired twice and if not for the rib injury before his Wizard campaign hmmmmmmm. The oldest to score fifty and even 45. There is no one like him and there will not be for a hundred years. Someone please change the game, oh I guess Mike already did that; you guys are late.

      • zorat says:

        LOL…now who’s naive?? When Russell won his 11 championships (how many did MJ get again, lol) they DID NOT have the finals MVP. If you want to talking about changing the game, then WILT CHAMBERLAIN changed the game WAY MORE than MJ. The younger generation thinks that BB started and ended with MJ…RFLOL!! 3 steps, no traveling call, push off, no foul called. He was a great player, made even better the ultimate NBA star treatment! Period. BUT, he was and never will be as good as Wilt Chamberlain. Period.

  10. Blackhawk says:

    It’s not a simple math statement that means those who have more titles are better…simpletons. It is the only way he can break the tie. He is saying he prefers the guy with more title winning experience over the guy that has lost more NBA Finals than he has won…that’s all.

  11. zorat says:

    LOL…All the younger generation does is stroke MJ. “It was a war zone in the 1990’s” RFLOL!! Not for MJ it wasnt…take 3 steps, no traveling, push off, no foul…RFLOL!! Wilt Chamberlain was the GOAT, period. MJ was great, but I’d still take Oscar Robertson over him…Btw, 90’s BB was not NEARLY as good as 80’s, 70’s and 60’s BB. It was a team game back then when guys could actually hit 15-18ft J’s…not 3’s all day long…They played fundamental BB. I don’t expect the youngins to understand that…They are stuck up on Stephen A and Skip Bayless stroking MJ and the rest of the media…

  12. Cain says:

    Why is it when someone mentions championships as a measure of a star players greatness, people flock to the Robert Horry’s and Bill Wenningtons to try and prove the point wrong? That just shows that the person is clearly trying to dodge the point being made instead of addressing it

    Horry nor Wennington were the leaders of their teams, nor even a star player on them. When championships are mentioned when comparing greats they do it because it shows that the player in question LEAD their team to X amount of championships. Not sure why so many people fail to understand this

    As for comparing MJ and Lebron to each other, everyone seems to think Lebrons a much better all around player when that’s not necessarily true. Jordans role was not to play point-forward or run the offense as Bron does, hence why he gets so many assists and such. Infact, Scottie was the point-forward for the Bulls. However if anyone remembers the season where Jordan was moved to point guard (He also outplayed Magic and was easily a Top PG in the league during this stretch) and went on a streak of triple doubles (I think it was 10 in 11 games, and 7 straight) and wound up averaging 30, 8 and 8 for the SEASON (Something LeBron has never done), then its easily understood that its not that Jordan COULDNT do what Bron does, its just that it wasn’t his job.

    So stop the silly comparisons. Enjoy Kobe and Bron for what they are, just as (if you were lucky) you enjoyed Jordan, because while there may be some comparable to them in the future after they retire, as you can see when comparing the current stars to Jordan, there will never be another

  13. JRuiz says:

    MJ should just concentrate on making FruitLoop clothes commercials–i don’t understand how a basketball idol, has NO clue about basketball (Bobcats, Wizards)

  14. Omar says:

    It is quite amusing to read comments from all you Lebron Fanboys. It is quite obvious you are too young to have witnessed MJ’s greatness, so let me enlighten you: If MJ was playing in this era, he would still be the BEST EVER. Neither James nor anyone else would be able to stop him. You are suffering from Generational Amnesia. And historical ignorance. In case you did not know, MJ did not play in the 50’s or 60’s . I keep hearing how today’s b-ballers are bigger and more athletic; funny how no one says they are more skilled. 80’s-90’s had Barkley, Malone, Drexler, Magic, Stockton, Worthy, Bird, Isaiah, David Robinson, Ewing, Hakeem, Miller, and on and on. That is who MJ played against. Can you even compare that to what Lebron faces today? Are you effing kidding? I have been following the NBA since the early 80’s when I was a kid and still do today and I guarantee you you are clowning yourself for even comparing Lebron to the real King, Michael Jordan. I also guarantee you that Lebron wishes he could be like Mike.

  15. tom fitz says:

    I don’t understand how Kareem gets left out of these comparisons. He has 6 rings, 36,000 points and the most unstoppable weapon in the history of the NBA. (HOOK SHOT)

    • zorat says:

      Chamberlain over Kareem anyday. Kareem was a very mediocre defender, esp for a guy who was 7’1. Chamberlain did it all, and was the most dominant player in NBA history, period. There is absolutley no argument you can make so suggest that we wasnt the most dominant player ever.

      • Omar says:

        He did not say he was a better defender than Chamberlain. He accurately stated that Kareem had the most unstoppable weapon in NBA history-the hook shot. And the reason I left Wilt and Kareem out of my previous post is because they played during a different era than MJ.

        • Omar says:

          And as dominant as Wilt was, Kareem could score over him at will with that hook shot. It would be foolish to suggest otherwise.

  16. dingsterman says:

    How many hundreds of thousands saw that interview but how many really was able to understand MJ’s statements? Even the author in this page did not understand it. Why herald this headline “Until LeBron Has 5 Rings I’d Still Choose Kobe”? MJ did NOT SAY IT!!! Are you guys dumb? MJ did not chose Kobe over LJ, he just made that statement. Go back to school all you stupid people writing here hating MJ for his statement, go back for your own sake. MJ did not favor one over the other and his statements did not diminish the dignity that both Kobe and Lebron has to this day.

  17. dingsterman says:

    Stop those comparisons!!! It will only cause division and infuriates the adoring fans of both Kobe and Lebron. In the hearts of men, let the three of them stand side-by-side with head held high knowing that in their own time, they were the best.

  18. Blackhawk says:

    Something else to think about when you compare numbers and results. Part of MJ’s time there were less teams in the NBA than there are now. New teams started in the middle of his career like the Hornets, Raptors, Heat, Timberwolves, Magic and the Grizzles. There was a lot more talent on teams than there is now. Also not dropping veterans for one and done players keep teams stacked with guys who could play. MJ played in a time where things that are fouls (hand checking…etc) now weren’t then. The game was a lot more physical than it is now. That might not be a bad thing for LeBron since he is so big but those big men would wear you down. Finally look at all the hall of fame guys MJ played against and won. Barkely, Bird, Magic, Malone, Stockton, Ewing, Robert Parrish, Kevin McHale, Shaq, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Mullins, David Robinson, Isaiah Thomas, Akeem Olajuwon. LeBron has to play against some good players but not that many HOF’rs. Heck 14 of the ones I mentioned are on the 50 greatest all time list. LeBron doesn’t play nearly that many great players. LeBron is a great player don’t get me wrong but even he if bests MJ’s number of titles….he isn’t passing him up in the greatest category.

    • Omar says:

      You essentially expanded on my point, and I obviously agree with you. The argument with those fans here who did not witness the HOF players we mentioned in earlier posts is moot since they have no point of reference to go by. They are merely observing the present limited stock of HOF- type players and assuming this is the best the NBA has ever produced. It reminds me of instances when some youngster swears that an 80’s song posted by someone else on YouTube was originally recorded for Grand Theft Auto. And they will argue with anyone about it lol.

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