Mike D’Antoni Says There’s A “Sniveling Rat” In the Lakers Organization


Mike D’Antoni Says There’s A “Sniveling Rat” In the Lakers Organization

The Lakers got a big win last night on the road against the Nets playing without Dwight Howard, Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol after he went down early with injury, but that didn’t stop head coach Mike D’Antoni from calling out a “rat” in the organization.

There were rumors going around that D’Antoni was not pleased with Dwight Howard sitting out Sunday’s game against the Pistons, and as reported by the LA Times he wanted to know who said it.

“You can go to some sniveling little rat, then, and ask them what I’m thinking and that’s fine,” D’Antoni said. “Somebody is going to you guys and saying things.”

So the question is are the reports that he thinks Dwight is a baby for not playing through injuries true?

“I said no 10 times. Oh God, no,” D’Antoni said. “You should all talk to me; you shouldn’t go to a rat.”

I don’t believe him. D’Antoni has been slim shaky on and off the court all year.  Instead of worrying about a rat he needs to worry about getting the Lakers in playoff contention.

I wonder how the Buss family is feeling about their decision to shaft Phil Jackson now.

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