Mike Singletary Interviews For Rams Defensive Coordinator Job

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NFL.com has confirmed that current Viking linebacker coach, Mike Singletary, has interviewed for the Rams defensive coordinator position.

Singletary has been wandering all over the league since his three year coaching stint with the San Francisco 49ers ended. Singletary has never held a job as a defensive coordinator before, but is a hall of fame line backer from that legendary Bears team of the mid 1980’s.

If anyone is in more need of a career makeover it’s Singletary, who’s seen Jim Harbaugh not only take over his job in San Fran but has managed to ‘win with’ Vernon Davis n the process.

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  • Lame article as Vernon Davis is on record for saying that Singletary helped change him as a person and player and is a major reason he is the player he is today! San Fran’s talent was young when he was coach but now they have grown into a monster and Harbaugh has done a great job!

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