Mike Vick Gets $1 Million Bonus if Eagles Win The Super Bowl


It was reported earlier in the day that Michael Vick’s new contract with the Eagles was worth up to $10 Million, but history has shown us unless the contract is guaranteed there is always some funny money involved.

Pro Football Zone breaks it down.

  • $3.5 Million Signing Bonus
  • $3.5 Million Non Guaranteed Salary
  • $500k in Roster Bonuses
  • $500k If he takes 50% of snaps
  • $1 Million if he takes 90% of snaps
  • $1 Million if Eagles win Super Bowl

The reality is if Vick makes the opening day roster it is a one year $7 million contract. He probably won’t make close to $10 million unless the Eagles have the best season in the history of their franchise.