Mike Woodson Says Knicks Won’t Trade Iman Shumpert


It looks like the lead rapper in for the Knicks tape won’t be going anywhere for now.  Amid speculation about his attitude, and inquiries from the Phoenix Suns, Knicks forward Iman Shumpert has had a rough two weeks.

ESPN New York is reporting that Knicks head coach Mike Woodson is saying that Shumpert won’t be traded. Woodson was asked whether or not Shumpert would be with the team by Stephen A. Smith.  Woodson responded, “You got it. I don’t need to say any more.”

“He’s not a problem at all,” the coach said. “Iman is a big part of what we do. I like everything about this young man in terms of how he plays, how he competes. He had an awesome rookie season. Unfortunately, he had the bad injury. He’s making his way back, and it’s going to be my job to continue to show him love and instill confidence in him as a player that he can get back to the level where he was playing. He’s not there yet, but in time, he will get there.”

Well there you have it. I agree with Woodson, Shumpert is working his way back from an ACL injury and should be fine.  His defense alone is the most important reason to hold on to him.