Naked Streaker Gets Tackled By Coach at Rugby Game (VIDEO)

Ruben Wiki Tackles Streaker

I could hardly contain my laughter, after watching the video below.

Last night the warriors rallied together for a major comeback upsetting the Broncos, although the highlight of the games goes to a naked streaker being chased by the strength and conditioning coach Ruben Wiki.

With a crowd of over 15,000 people watching, a streaker ran across field during halftime. Now a streaker streaking isn’t breaking news. Normally I wouldn’t even comment on it since the events are always the same.


However when you have a coach running after a butt naked man and actually tackles him, all while mind you the streaker is obviously naked, I find this to be news worthy and hilarious. Its safe to say Coach Wiki isn’t having the best week ever. Somethings should be left undone. I know he just got the new coaching position, but i highly doubt they pay him enough to taste another man’s behind.