Nate Burleson Is Trying To Recruit Reggie Bush To The Lions

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The Detroit Lions took a step back last season after making the playoffs in 2011.  Detroit needs a few more game changers besides Megatron, and wide receiver Nate Burleson is trying his best John Calipari impression as a receiver.

Per Around The League, Burleson is trying to recruit Reggie Bush to the Detroit Lions.

“I’m going to just say this, ‘Reggie Bush, you already took your talents to South Beach, come on to Detroit,'” Burleson said. “He still has that legend behind him. … And if I can getReggie Bush in a Detroit Lions uniform, ooh-wee, watch out.”

A few problems with that  scenario, one being the Lions are only $2 million under the salary cap, and Bush will not come that cheap.

Also Reggie Bush really has no interest in sharing a ton of carries or coming off the bench.  The Lions already have Joique Bell as a third down back, and Mikel Leshoure as their starter.