NFL Union Leader Says Players Don’t Trust Roger Goodell


NFL Union Leader Says Players Don’t Trust Roger Goodell

I don’t suspect this is a surprise…

NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth, said that because of the Saints bounty case NFL players do not trust Commissioner Goodell. During a conference call held today before union representatives meet during the combine, Foxworth also said he wouldn’t be able to convince players to have faith in the league if he wanted to. He stressed that players want system of checks and balances, which may include a neutral arbitrator to improve the strained relationship.

”There was a bridge beginning to be built and then there were some recent events that kind of broke that bridge again.”

This statement comes as no surprise to me. Goodell’s concern is not pleasing the players; it’s keeping the owners happy and the league profitable. Making sure that the players don’t get shafted in the process is the job of the players union. The NFL is one of the most successfully lucrative corporations in the world so in business terms Goodell is doing his job. I don’t expect a change unless the players demand it.