O.J. Simpson Held A Super Bowl Party In His Prison Cell


The Super Bowl is an American holiday, and regardless of where you are watching it at, it’s going to be a celebration.  The New York Post is reporting that O.J. Simpson threw a nice Super Bowl shindig in his prison cell at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

O.J. is currently serving 33 years for kidnapping and armed robbery, but wasn’t going to miss out on the celebration.  Simpson reportedly is one of the few inmates who has his own t.v.

The post is reporting that O.J. and his crew all crammed in his 80 square foot cell to watch the Ravens send Ray Lewis out on top.

 “If you have the money, you can buy a TV at the inmate store and put it in your cell,” Simpson’s producer friend Norman Pardo said. There was no shortage of potential guests because he’s so popular. “He’s like the Godfather of the prison now,” Pardo said of the one-time NFL great. Meanwhile, Pardo is hoping to sell a movie, “Unpromotable,” about his efforts to rehabilitate Simpson’s image after he was acquitted of double murder in 1995. “It shows what it’s like to promote the most unpromotable man on the planet,” Pardo said.

Who said inmates didn’t know how to throw a good party?


48 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Held A Super Bowl Party In His Prison Cell

  • Got off from murder but end up doing 33 years for robbery…dang that’s crazy

    • If Oj killed those 2 people(in which i do believe he did), the 33 years serves him right, but if he didnt, thats sad on behalf of the justice system. How many others has fell prey to this nonsense?

      • It does not matter if he did the murder or not. He was tried and found not guilty by the system. And that if aint good enough then they should do away with the jury. End of subject.

      • Mr B…I think your idea of 33 years being nonsense would change if it was you or your loved one that was the victim. Kidnapping is a terrifying, dangerous and short step away from murder: that is why the sentence is so long.

        • Guilty of stealing your own stuff back? Raw deal!!

      • I hope he gets to have 30 more Super Bowl parties from his prison cell.

    • Why is there a superbowl party allowed in a prison cell! He went there for punishment. Why is there TV allowed in a cell. There should be a cot, blankets, and a toilet! Hard labor during the day so there is no nonsense at night. Prison is for punishment. I don’t get it!

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        • We noticed it when OJ killed two white people in California.

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  • On 2/20/06 my 17 year old daughter was murdered. A result of racial hatred. Sadly my family came from Russia in 1912 we were not plantation owners. Brittany’s homicide has ruined my life. I have often wondered had President Obama been a role model as opposed to OJ would those involved allowed her to live Britt’s Dad

  • I think most of the folks posting comments here are missing a key point…and it has NOTHING to do with black/white/racism…it has to do with why should an inmate be able to throw a party? I find the prison system out of control with respect to how inmates are treated. They are to be punished AND rehabilitated (if they’re not in for violent crimes…which OJ is!)…so, how about some comments on whether or not inmates should be able to throw a party in their cells?

    • more importantly is why is this news ? ..

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