O.J. Simpson Says The Cops Are Out to Get Oscar Pistorius


This is the point where everyone says…….

“Of course, OJ would think that”

One of the problems with a murder case, is that even if you believe the suspect did it, if the police are incompetent, that can lead to enough reasonable doubt to get an acquittal.

Pistorius’ story has a ton of holes in it, but the South African police are already making major mistakes, to the point OJ decided to chime in.

“It really sounds like the local police have it in for Pistorius,” said O.J. Simpson via telephone from the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. “Just because he admitted to knowing she was in the house before he pulled the trigger doesn’t mean he’s guilty. If there’s no sign of intent, you must acquit.”

The lead investigator had to be replaced in the Pistorius trial, because he is under investigation for murder himself. That isn’t a good way to start your case.

If Pistorius gets off, the one thing he can learn from OJ is not to run into a Vegas hotel room with armed goons and think no one will notice.

That didn’t turn out too well for the Juice.