October 2012 memo warned of Chance of Superdome Power Failure

Super Dome Blackout


The Super Dome lost power for a full 34 minutes during the Super Bowl this past Sunday. While many decided to blame Beyonce and her extravagant half-time show, true blame has yet to find a resting place. That may have just changed according to the Associated Press.

After the power outage during the 2011 Monday Night Football contest between the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers took place, testing of power was ordered of stadiums in the league.

A memo dated October 15th 2012 noted that the Superdome’s electrical feeders revealed that the equipment had “some decay and a chance of failure.”

It appears the Super Dome’s staff should have taken that memo a bit more seriously  because it predicted a situation that ultimately costs fans and the teams 34 minutes during the biggest game of the year.