Oscar Pistorius Wants to Get On With His Life, After Shooting His Girlfriend to Death

black sports online oscar pitororius wants to run while on bail

The Pistorius case has just took on another very bizarre chapter. Now there are reports confirming that Oscar Pistorius plans to go ahead with his training regiment despite being on a one million dollar bail.

Fox Sports is reporting that while Pistorius has no immediate plans on returning to track, as per his rep Janine Hills states

”Absolutely not,”

”He is currently in mourning and his focus is not on his sports.”


He does however, wish to resume in his training. Pistorius has gone over in detail about his daily routine with his probational officer, which will be the guideline for how he will live until his next court appearance on June 4th.  According to chief deputy commissioner of the department of correctional services, James Smalberger Oscar will continue with his training.

Now that Pistorius has posted bail he’s staying with his uncle  Arnold in the Pretoria suburb of Waterkloof, as he’s not allowed back to his former residence which is still a crime scene. He will be visited by his probation officer at least 4 times a month for review , and Smalberger stated that the runner has expressed an interest in going back to prior training.

They are awaiting a training program from Pistorius’ training coach so they can have a better track of his daily activities. Smalberger stated

”He’s not under house arrest, but his movements need to be known to us so that we don’t pitch there and he’s not there,”

”We agree on `free time’ normally during the course of the day, and in the evening we expect him to be home.”

Pistorius had been slated to train for August 10-18 World Championships in Moscow, but obviously that will not be taking place.

So one has to wonder what exactly is Pistorius’ motive for resuming training so soon, and in the wake of the allegedly ‘accidental’ death of his girlfriend. Athletes are no doubts creatures of habits, but one would think murder and or the death of a loved one would put those kind of interests on halt for some time.

His lawyer had this to say.

 “He just really wants to get on with his life.”

The cards keep stacking against Pistorius, and it seems as if he’s not even aware of it.