Pete Carroll Says Richard Sherman Has ‘A Lot Of Free Time On His Hands’

black sports online carroll says sherman has a lot of free time


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is certainly no stranger to trash talking and not being liked by his opponents so it’s really not too surprising that he’s pretty lax about Richard Sherman’s war of twitter ‘words’ with fellow CB Darrelle Revis. reported the following quotes Carroll gave in regards to the most hated Cornerback in the game:

“It’s obvious that Richard’s got a lot of free time on his hands,”

“I haven’t read one word he said. I just see the pictures and the mouth open and I know what’s going on. He’s having fun with it. Richard knows what he’s doing. He’s having fun playing with the whole thing. And he had a tremendous season and a very, very good last season, so he’s got something to stand on right now. It’s better (than) when he used to talk when he didn’t.”

Carroll also added

 “I think (Sherman’s) a great corner. I think he’s playing tremendous football. I think not enough people know about him yet, although he’s working on that. … I’ve never known how you scale the very best corner, you know, but he’s up there in consideration.”

Not surprising that Carroll has laughed off the whole thing and come to Sherman’s side–being disliked around the league is something of a forte for Mr. Carroll.

Like the trash talking Sherman’s done this season or not, one has to recognize that (with the exception of the final drive in the Divisional game vs the Falcons) he’s played at an elite enough level to run his mouth some. And no doubt, given his age and the relivitely little press the Seahawks get Sherman’s using his free time to beat his chest a bit.

Kids these days..