Photos: Cam Newton’s Alledged Girlfriend Former Stripper Turned Vixen Hazel


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I wouldn’t consider this a new revelation, Cameron took the girl to the Preakness last year, so she has been around for a minute, but someone has done an Adrienne Bosh on her past and came up with the following.

She is a former stripper (Stadium Club in DC), who is now a vixen/Urban Model/party hostess and she has a kid that isn’t Cameron’s child. What does all this means? Nothing really, unless Cameron knocks her up or gets married, he can just leave her when the next former stripper comes along.

Cam Newton Hazel

Cute young lady, not really the feeling the big tattoo, but if Cameron likes it that is all that matters.

If you are curious what a vixen looks like when she is party promoting and modeling here you go.

Hazel Cam Newton

4 thoughts on “Photos: Cam Newton’s Alledged Girlfriend Former Stripper Turned Vixen Hazel

  • Good for Cam.

  • Cam!Run & never look back.

  • Disappointed in Cam. Expected much better. She might as well have Gold-digger tattooed across her forehead! He’s so good with kids and helping schools out, man I am really not seeing him as a good role model anymore. She is trash Cam run away as fast as you can!!

  • Hmm, I was all about Cam and feeling bad for him over loosing the Super Bowl till I came across this. I’ve changed my mind! She ain’t even “all that” with her stretch marks behind that tattoo and bumps on her buttocks with ashy color skin back there. Aw Cam, really?

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