Raiders To Drop Seating Capacity To Avoid TV Blackouts Due To Low Attendance

Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers


No matter how good times may be for the NFL as a whole, there are teams that are still struggling–by NFL standards, of course. One of the teams in question are the Oakland Raiders, who are being force to drop seat capacity. broke the news on the somewhat embarrassing story from Oakland. The organization  has labeled the move as ‘capacity adjustment’ as they are now blocking 28 sections from the upper deck from sections 335 to 355, the area known as ‘Mount Davis’.

With the cuts the coliseum where they play will slide down to 64,200 to 53,200 making it the smallest facility in the league. The team CEO Amy Trask issued the following statement:

“Our hope, our desire is a new stadium at that site,”

“This is the tool we’re using this year to create that vibrant community of season ticket holders.”

The Raiders have been struggling to stay above the league’s 85% threshold rule which decides weather the game is blacked out or not. All but one Raider game managed to not make the cut, so the capacity adjustments are the smart thing to do.

Long term fix would be to actually improve the team, but baby steps…