Rajon Rondo After Losing to Kid at Connect Four: “You Beat Me, I’ll Beat The Sh*t Out of You”

rondo connect four

While trying to recover from a torn ACL to his right knee, Rajon Rondo is experiencing a large amount of times on his hands. In a recent interview, Lee Jenkins and Sports Illustrated, decided to give us a sample of the profile interview, which has not been released just yet online but the publication can be purchased at your local stores.

During the candid profile, Jenkins provides an insight into the normally reserved point guard for the Boston Celtics. Although on the court, Rondo shows signs of being emotional, competitive, and anything but friendly especially towards referees, he actually opens up for Jenkins. Two interesting bits of information discovered is Rondo will demolish you at Connect Four and other child-like board games, and probably celebrate the victory with a Shirley Temple. If you thought Rondo had an on/off switch for his competitiveness think again. No man, woman, or child is safe when it comes to Rondo.

During a charity event at the Blue Hill Boys and Girls club, the story was told that Rondo was off in the corner ducking the political elbow rubbing and decided to entertain himself in the far back of the room playing Connect Four, taking on any victim that felt confident enough to face him. One young 12 year old competitor named Olissa, pulled the ultimate upset on Rondo, beating him for the first time.

Later that day Rondo sat behind a table and three girls. Across from him there were more than 100 children he had showered with bikes, Razor scooters and iPod Touches that he bought at Target and distributed from the back of a U-Haul. “I thought he might let us win,” said a 12 year-old named Olissa. “But he was so serious.”

Olissa was the last challenger. He stared back at Rondo through wire-rimmed glasses. He clenched teeth covered with braces. He initiated what he called a trap, forcing Rondo to the right side of the grid, putting him on the defensive. When Olissa dropped the winning disk, Celtics officials started to shout. Meyerson grabbed the microphone. “This has never happened!” he bellowed.

Rondo didn’t take that well.

“I can’t believe it,” [Rondo] said. “But did you notice I played the guy five more times and won them all? I had to show him, ‘You beat me, I’ll beat the s*** out of you.'”

I suggest you don’t mess with Rondo unless your prepared to to get “the s*** beat out of you.” Age is not a factor anyone could take a beating on any given day. You have to love his competitiveness, and I’m sure the kids love it to. This isn’t news to those who follow Rondo. Every night when he is on the court you receive a glimpse of his competitiveness, and although many people try to get him to alter or change his public perception the man stays true to himself.